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About Bonitas Energy

BONITAS ENERGY Solutions Limited is a Nigerian Indigenous oil and gas servicing company, specializing in Project Management, Quality Management, Consulting, Sales and Marketing Solutions related to Reservoir Management Solutions; Production Solutions and Pipeline Solutions.

Our company’s solutions focus on reducing our client’s downtime, delivering projects within budget with certainty and producing great returns on assets by increasing market shares through the marketing of products and services.

Our customers include oilfield service companies, oil and gas field operators, national oil companies, government and research organizations, consulting companies of the energy sector, oil and gas associations and investment bankers.

Vision Statement

To be the undisputed leader in innovative, efficient and seamless delivery of services to the energy industry through collaborative engagements with our customers.

Mission Statement

To provide the energy industry with the resources and tools required of them to maximize returns on their investments.



Reservoir Management Solutions

  • QA/QC of Data. Seismic Interpretation.
  • Evaluation of Reservoir geology. Construction/Formation of Static model.
  • Construction /Formation of fluid and rock characterization. Well modelling and VLP Generation.
  • Model up-scaling. Model initialization. Aquifer modelling. History Matching.
  • Provision of FDP/Optimization/Prediction. Documentation of FDP Report.

Well Intervention and Testing

  • COMPLETIONS AND MECHANICAL OPERATIONSThru-Tubing applications FishingMilling/ Mechanical tubing cut PerforationLoggingZone changeFlow management – Velocity strings
  • WELL CLEANING AND PUMPING OPERATIONSBehind Casing Shallow Reservoir Matrix and Reservoir stimulation Sand, Scale and Wax removal Nitrogen applications
  • SURFACE WELL TESTFlowbackEarly Production Facility Crude Evacuation
Well Intervention
Flow Line

Facilities and Flowline Services

  • Plant Process Instrumentation Automation and Control system. Plant Process Piping installation and commissioning.
  • Revamping /Upgrade of Mechanical, Process, Electrical Installations Fire Fighting constructions/ upgrade/Refurbishment and revamping. Compressor, Steam generation, Power generations installation/commissioning.
  • Fire and gas  system installation and commissioning. Flares systems installation and commissioning.
  • Construction/installation of KoD, Crude Storage tanks,Gun barrel tanks, process transfer pumps and commissioning. Civil and structural, service GOSP platform constructions and revamping

Project Management Solutions

Our project management solutions ensure that projects are executed in such a manner that our customer focuses on  the  expected  production  gain  while  we  focus  on delivering the well within set project timeline and budget.

Our project management solutions are invaluable when planning multi-well short-term oil gain (STOG) campaigns.

Values created by our project management solutions include:

  • Efficiency increase Quality improvement
  • Improved communication Reduction in risk of project failure Synergy through collaboration
Project Management Solutions
Quality Control

Quality Management Solutions

Our  Quality  Management  Solutions include  our  Audit  services  which enable our customers perform audits on  not  just  resources  but  also business system processes in order to identify gaps required to keep them compliant  with  industry  standards; Maintenance  management  services which  enable  our  customers  to  not just  keep  their  equipment  in  good working  condition  but  also  assist them  in  monitoring  preventive maintenance  programs  required  to reduce  their  equipment  failure  and downtime; Competency management services  which  ensure  that  projects are  executed  with  personnel  having the right competency.

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting solutions ensure that our customers are provided with the best resources required to fulfill their project objectives

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Business management
  • Business development
  • Resource sourcing
  • Partnerships and acquisitions
Consulting Solutions
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing Solutions ensure that customers are able to position their products and services in the Nigerian market.

Values created by this service include:

  • Revenue growth
  • Increase in asset utilization Market intelligence

Our  Sales  and  Marketing  Solutions  include  our  Sales services which ensure that our customers products and services are brought into the market thereby increasing our customers return in investment; Marketing services which  ensure  that  customers  understand  the  Nigerian market  establishing  them  to  position  their  current products and plan for new product introduction; Contract Management  services  where  we  help  our  customers execute their contracts as per terms and conditions of the contract.